Incident Response Support

Cyber Incident Response

Cyber security incident response is the approach an organisation takes to plan for respond to manage and mitigate cyber security incidents. The ultimate goal of cyber incident response is to limit the damage and disruption of attacks and, where necessary, restore operations as quickly as possible.

Incident Response Planning

An incident response plan outlines the specific procedures and responsibilities associated with addressing each stage of an incident, with defined roles for completing specific incident response actions. An IRP is your organisation’s roadmap for taking timely and effective action in the event of disruption caused by a cyber-attack..
Our incident response planning services reduce the potential damage of a cyber incident by setting out a strategic roadmap.

Malware Analysis Support

Malware analysis and reverse engineering service

We offer proactive support to enable your organisation to respond effectively to the near-daily evolution of malware. Our experts translate complex analytical findings into targeted deliverables for executive legal and technical stakeholders to provide insight into the nature and scope of any malware-related event.
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