Cyber Security Awareness Empowers Pakistan Girl Guides

The National Headquarters Islamabad Pakistan Girl Guides Association, in collaboration with Cyber Security Zone’s initiative Cyber Security of Pakistan, hosted an impactful cyber security awareness lecture. Renowned experts Mr. Mubashir Sargana and Mr. Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman addressed the girls, equipping them with crucial knowledge and strategies to navigate the digital world safely.

Addressing a Growing Concern:

The session specifically addressed the rising issue of female blackmailing on social media. Mr. Sargana and Mr. Rehman provided valuable insights to the girls on how to:

  • Identify and avoid potential threats: Recognize red flags and online scams that could lead to blackmailing attempts.
  • Protect their online presence: Utilize strong passwords, maintain privacy settings, and avoid sharing sensitive information publicly.
  • Seek help in the face of cybercrime: Understand the process of reporting incidents to the FIA Cyber Crime Wing, ensuring timely action and support.


Beyond Awareness, Empowerment:

The lecture went beyond raising awareness, empowering the girls to become advocates for cyber safety in their communities. They were encouraged to share their newfound knowledge with friends and family, fostering a collective sense of vigilance and responsibility.

Why This Matters:

In today’s digital age, online safety is paramount, especially for young girls. By equipping the Pakistan Girl Guides with essential cyber security skills, this initiative empowers them to confidently navigate the online world, protected from emerging threats.