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Offensive Security Services

CSZone offensive security assessment services are designed to uncover vulnerabilities across your organisation, validate the effectiveness of security controls and processes, and provide the support and advice required to address security risks.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing service is your proactive defense against evolving cyber threats. We specialize in uncovering internal and external vulnerabilities, providing insights, and fortifying your defenses, ensuring your organization stays one step ahead of potential attackers.

Vulnerability Assessment

In an era of escalating cyber threats, Cyber Security Zone delivers a robust Vulnerability Assessment Service meticulously crafted to fortify your digital business assets. Our service is designed to proactively identify, assess, and prioritise vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure, applications, and network, ensuring that potential weaknesses are addressed before they can be exploited.

Application Security Assessment

Our Application Security Assessment service is essential for organisations relying on software applications, regardless of size or industry. Whether developing custom applications or using third-party solutions, our assessments help you maintain a secure digital environment.

Firewall Configuration Review

Firewalls serve as the first line of defence against cyber threats, making them a critical component of your organisation’s security posture. However, the effectiveness of your firewall depends on its configuration. Misconfigured firewalls can leave vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.

Source Code Review

Our Source Code Review service is meticulously designed to ensure your applications and systems are built on a security foundation. By scrutinising your source code, we aim to fortify your defences against potential vulnerabilities, threats, and cyberattacks.

Red Teaming

A Red Team Operation from Cyber Security is designed to far exceed the remit of traditional security testing by rigorously challenging the effectiveness of technology, personnel and processes to detect and respond to a highly targeted attack conducted over an extended period of time.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a form of manipulation cybercriminals use to exploit human psychology and gain unauthorised access to systems, networks, or sensitive information. It often involves impersonation, deception, and psychological manipulation to trick individuals into revealing confidential information or performing actions that compromise security.

Compromise Assessment

Our Compromise Assessment service is meticulously designed to unearth signs of compromise and potential vulnerabilities within your network, applications, and systems. Our comprehensive examination aims to detect unauthorised access, data breaches, and other security compromises, fortifying your technological infrastructure.

Advisory Services

Call on the assistance of a global team of experts to help you tackle your most pressing security and regulatory challenges.

Cyber Policy Review

Ensure your cyber security policy keeps pace with the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape through independent security policy review and design services.

Cyber Security Due Diligence

Independent cyber due diligence support for better-informed mergers and acquisitions, to identify security risks and quantify remediation costs before or after a transaction.

Virtual CISO

Get independent support and advice to improve your organisation’s cyber security by calling on a highly-qualified and experienced security professional as and when required.

Incident Response Services

Incident Response Planning

Our incident response planning services reduce the potential damage of a cyber incident by setting out a strategic roadmap.

Cyber Incident Response

24/7 support to help manage and improve your team’s response to cyber security incidents, whatever the scale.

Malware Analysis

Strategic support to help protect your organisation against the evolving malware threat.