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What is red teaming?

Of all the available cyber security assessments, a simulated cyber-attack is as close as you can get to understanding how prepared your organisation is to defend against a skilled and persistent hacker.

The main differences between red teaming and penetration testing are depth and scope. Pen testing is designed to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible over a short period of time, while red teaming is a deeper assessment conducted over a period of weeks and designed to test an organisation’s detection and response capabilities and achieve set objectives, such as data exfiltration.

A Red Team Operation from Cyber Security is designed to far exceed the remit of traditional security testing by rigorously challenging the effectiveness of technology, personnel and processes to detect and respond to a highly targeted attack conducted over an extended period of time.


Evaluate your response to attack

Learn how prepared your organisation is to respond to a targeted attack designed to test the effectiveness of people and technology.

Identify and classify security risks

Learn whether systems, data and other critical assets are at risk and how easily they could be targeted by adversaries.

Uncover hidden vulnerabilities

By mirroring the latest adversarial tactics, red teaming can help identify hidden vulnerabilities that attackers might seek to exploit.

Address identified exposures

Receive important post-operation support to address any vulnerabilities identified and mitigate the risk of suffering real-life attacks

Enhance blue team effectiveness

By simulating a range of scenarios, red team testing helps your security team to identify and address gaps in threat coverage and visibility.

Prioritise future investments

Better understand your organisation's security weaknesses and ensure that future investments deliver the greatest benefit.


Example goals of a Red Team Operation


Key features of our Red Teaming service

What you can expect from a Red Team Operation conducted by Cyber Security Zone:

Offensive Security experts

Our red team experts use their knowledge of how genuine attackers breach defences to comprehensively challenge your organisation's virtual and physical cyber security controls and incident response procedures.

Intelligence Led-Testing

To ensure that engagements reflect the approach of real-life criminal attackers, Red Team Operations use evasion, deception and stealth techniques similar to those used by sophisticated threat actors.

Multi-Blended Attack Methods

To achieve an agreed objective, red team testing adopts a ‘no holds barred’ approach. A wide range of techniques are used, often including social engineering, Command and Control (C2) activity and physical intrusion.

In-depth Reporting

A detailed post-engagement report provides your key stakeholders with a complete overview of the exercise undertaken and actionable insights to support the remediation of any risks identified.

Interested in learning more?

Actionable outcomes to secure your business

Throughout an engagement, our CREST certified ethical hackers provide regular feedback to ensure that your key stakeholders stay informed. Here’s what you can expect to receive post-assessment:

Executive summary

A high-level overview of the red team operation for executive and management teams.

Technical details

Detailed technical feedback to enable technical teams to understand and replicate findings.

Expert risk analysis

A comprehensive analysis of all security risks identified, their severity and possible impact.

Actionable intelligence

Tactical and strategic recommendations, including clear advice to help address risks.


Frequently asked questions

Performed by a team of qualified ethical hackers, a red team exercise leverages the latest hacking tools and techniques to launch a simulated cyber-attack designed to thoroughly test an organisation’s security robustness as well as threat detection and response capabilities.
The duration of a Red Team Operation is dependent upon the scope and objective(s) of the exercise. A full end-to-end red team engagement is typically performed over one to two months however specific scenario-based operations with a narrower focus can be performed over 11-18 days. Shorter operations, such as those designed to simulate insider threats, are usually based on an assumed compromise.

A penetration test is a focused form of cyber security assessment designed to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible over a short period of time, often just a few days. Pen tests are often performed to assess specific areas such as networks and web applications.

A Red Team Operation is an extended form of engagement conducted over a period of weeks and designed to achieve a set objective such as data exfiltration, and in the process test an organisation’s detection and response capabilities. Unlike many forms of Penetration Testing, Red Team Operations are conducted to a black-box methodology in order to ensure that engagements accurately reflect the approach of genuine attackers.

Unlike genuine cyber-attacks, Red Team Operations are designed to be non-destructive and non-disruptive. By choosing a CREST accredited provider of ethical hacking services, you can be sure that all engagements will be carried out in line with pre-agreed rules of engagement and the highest technical, legal and ethical standards.

Agile Pen Testing

The benefits of an agile methodology

Agile pen testing is a method of integrating regular testing into your software development lifecycle (SDLC), rather than testing at infrequent points in time. This form of continuous pen testing works with release schedules to ensure that new features are secure and don’t translate into risk for your customers.

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Our Security Qualifications

Our highly skilled security professionals hold industry-recognized certifications, demonstrating their expertise in identifying and mitigating today’s evolving cyber threats. This dedication to continuous learning ensures we stay ahead of the curve, providing you with the most effective security solutions.

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