Cyber Security Awareness in Women Entrepreneurs Convention

During an event organized by the Saiban Welfare Foundation for women entrepreneurs, the Coordinator of Cyber Security Zone and Cyber Security of Pakistan, Ayesha Razzaq, advised women participating in online buying and selling to be cautious. She emphasized the importance of having complete details about the person you are dealing with online, as it is impossible to ascertain someone’s true identity on the internet. She highlighted the need for women to keep records of their conversations while engaging in online transactions to have evidence in case of any fraud. Furthermore, she advised that if a woman falls victim to online fraud, she should not panic but report the incident to the relevant authorities for investigation and legal action. The event was attended by distinguished guests including Assistant Commissioner General Liaquat Ali Shah Gilani, Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Rana, former Deputy Controller Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur Syed Naeem Shah, Coordinator e-Agriculture Professor Dr. Madhat Kamil Hussain, Chairman Saiban Welfare Foundation Mrs. Asia Kamal, Provincial President Pakistan Social Association Dr. Abdul Rahman Nasir, and others.