Cyber Scouts Recognized at 93rd Social Workers Conference

Cyber Scouts are voluntarily working to promote cybersecurity in society and raising awareness about the increasing cybercrimes, leading to a growing consciousness among people about the safe use of the internet. Since the creation of Pakistan, the youth have voluntarily been serving the country and the nation. In the current era of technology, the role of Cyber Scouts is extremely important as they provide awareness about the safe use of technology in society. These views were expressed by Brigadier (Retd) Abdul Qayyum during the distribution of medals and certificates to Cyber Scouts in recognition of their services. According to the details, after the establishment of Pakistan, the 93rd All Pakistan Social Workers Conference was organized by the Pakistan Social Association founded by Quaid-e-Azam, where social workers from all over Pakistan were honored with honorary certificates and medals. On this occasion, Cyber Scouts Asif Jameel, Ayesha Razaq, Saba Nawaz, Sidra Arshad, Furman Allah, Abdul Rahman were awarded medals, while Ghulam Murtaza, Faza Javed, Qurratulain, Saba Munir, Sundas Jabeen Mirza, Sajid Hanif, Umar Shehzad, Muhammad Hamza, Muhammad Shayan, Shahzad Ahmad were given honorary certificates.