M. Asad Ul Rehman joined Conference on Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our Cybersecurity expert Mr. Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman recently lent his expertise as a panelist at a session titled “Role of CERTs” during the 5th International Conference on Cyber Threat Intelligence. This prestigious event, organized by Total Communications in association with the Government of Pakistan, brought together leading figures in the cybersecurity domain to discuss critical issues and strategies for safeguarding Pakistan’s digital landscape.
A Focus on CERTs: Collaborative Efforts for Defense
The “Role of CERTs” session specifically focused on the vital role of Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) in countering cyber threats. The participation of distinguished panelists, including:
Mr. Muhammad Babar Khan (Director IG & CS, Ministry of IT & Telecom)
Mr. Khawaja Mohammad Ali (National Bank of Pakistan & Dept. of Defence Expert)
Mr. Imran Rasheed (Punjab Safe City Authority)
Prof. Dr. Muazzam Ali Khan Khattak (Department of Computer Science)
Rafay Baloch (and other panelists)
alongside Mr. Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman, ensured a comprehensive and insightful discussion.