A Meeting with Scam Adviser

Cyber expert Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman had an online meeting with George Abraham, the Managing Director of the international organization ScamAdvicer, based in the Netherlands. The meeting discussed cyber frauds occurring in Pakistan, the Netherlands, and around the world. On this occasion, cyber expert Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman shared that, according to the statistics of the Cyber Crime Wing, the number of cybercrime cases increased from 16,122 in 2018 to 94,764 in 2020. He stated that the primary reason for the increase in cyber crimes in  Pakistan is the lack of awareness about cyber security among people. People click on links without distinguishing between fake and real ones and enter their personal information on these links. Criminals use this information to gain access to accounts. During the meeting, George Abraham, the Managing Director of Scam Advicer, mentioned that various software tools have been developed to verify the authenticity of links. Anyone can enter a link to check whether it is genuine or fake. He appreciated the efforts of Cyber Security of Pakistan and assured future cooperation to promote cyber security.