World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day is observed globally on September 10th. In the current era, the increasing use of the internet has led to a rise in online harassment and depression. Out of every eight individuals, one is inclined towards serious actions like suicide due to mental stress. Today is the day to renew the pledge that we will not fall victim to tension caused by online harassment and cyberbullying. Instead, if faced with such issues, we will confide in our family and seek guidance by sharing our problems with a stress counseling desk. These thoughts were expressed by cybersecurity expert Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day during a conversation with the media. He mentioned that individuals victimized by cyber crimes often experience increased mental stress, leading many to contemplate suicide. For the counseling of such individuals, Cyber Security of Pakistan has established a Stress Counseling Desk aimed at counseling and assisting them in reducing mental pressure and helping them lead a normal life. He noted that the Stress Counseling Desk was established in 2020 and is being further improved. Women who are victims of cyber crimes and suffering from mental stress can contact the Stress Counseling Desk of Cyber Security of Pakistan at any time for counseling.