Beware of Fake Links Offering Prizes

Social media users should beware of fake links circulating in the name of companies offering prizes. Hackers are sending fake links under various company names to hack social media users’ accounts and data. These links lure users with the promise of gifts. Therefore, social media users are advised to be cautious of links that promise rewards for sharing them in 5 to 10 groups. Otherwise, the user will be responsible for any loss. Cybersecurity Expert Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman, in a conversation with the media, said that people who have unknowingly clicked and shared such links should immediately delete the shared links to prevent others from clicking on them. Additionally, they should promptly change their social media account passwords and strengthen their accounts’ security by using two-step verification to ensure that even if hackers obtain the password due to a mistake, they cannot log in without the user’s verification.