Cyber Security Awareness & Tree Planting Campaigns in Independence Month

During the Independence Month celebrations across Pakistan, the team of Cyber Security of Pakistan will conduct cybersecurity awareness seminars. In line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Clean Green Pakistan mission, tree plantation activities will be carried out throughout the country during Independence Month. For the first time in the Clean Green Pakistan campaign, Cyber Security Zone and Cyber Security of Pakistan will employ technology, using geo-tagging during the tree plantation campaign and monitoring the planted trees through green mapping. The individual in each province who plants the most trees will be awarded by Cyber Security of Pakistan. These remarks were made by the CEO of Cyber Security Zone, Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman. He detailed that every year, the month of August is celebrated with enthusiasm, and events are organized.

This year, considering the government SOPs, cybersecurity awareness lectures will also be delivered by the team of Cyber Security of Pakistan during these events to alert the nation about the fifth generation warfare. Undoubtedly, the Pakistani nation possesses a spirit of patriotism and has supported institutions in emergencies. Therefore, every Pakistani needs to acquire knowledge of technology and be prepared for fifth-generation warfare. Additionally, the person who plants the most trees in each province will be awarded at the event by Cyber Security of Pakistan to further the mission of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Clean Green Pakistan. He stated that everyone can participate in this competition. Participants should upload pictures of planting trees on social media with specific hashtags of Cyber Security of Pakistan. The social media team of Cyber Security of Pakistan will decide the winner of the prize through the hashtags present on social media.