Beware of Independence Month Scams

During Independence Month, hackers have started extracting money from citizens’ bank accounts by obtaining their details through the lure of Independence Sale offers. Fake links regarding Independence gifts are also circulating on social media. Cybersecurity expert Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman expressed these concerns in a conversation with the media about the fake links circulating during Independence Month. He mentioned that as soon as August began, hackers created fake online shopping websites. These websites offer sales at reduced prices in the context of Independence Month. When citizens enter their bank card information on these online shopping websites, tempted by the low prices, this information gets transferred to the hackers. Using this information, hackers easily withdraw money from the consumers’ accounts. He warned citizens to ensure the authenticity of any online website before entering their card information. Additionally, fake links related to Independence gifts are also being circulated on social media. The general public is advised to avoid clicking on and spreading such fake links.