Educative session on Cyber Crimes

Educative Session on Cyber Crimes at Roots Millennium School

The fight against cybercrime requires not only technical expertise but also informed citizens. Recognizing this, Roots Millennium School E-11, Islamabad, recently hosted an educative session on Cyber Crimes and their Legal Repercussions. This session, led by the esteemed Mr. Mubashir Sargana, empowered students to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.

The session benefited greatly from the expertise of Mr. Mubashir Sargana. His insights provided students with a clear understanding of the various forms of cybercrime and the legal consequences associated with them.


Empowering Young Minds

The session explored critical aspects of cybercrime, including:

  • Types of Cyber Crimes: Students learned about common cybercrimes such as hacking, phishing, cyberbullying, and online harassment.
  • Understanding Legal Repercussions: Mr. Sargana shed light on the legal framework surrounding cybercrime in Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of responsible online behavior.
  • Safeguarding Themselves Online: The session equipped students with practical strategies to protect themselves from cyber threats and scams.

Building a Culture of Digital Safety

By hosting this educational session, Roots Millennium School E-11 took a commendable step towards fostering a culture of digital safety among its students. Equipping them with the knowledge of cybercrime and its legal implications empowers them to make informed choices online.