Beware of fake Scholarships Phishing Websites

Cybersecurity expert Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman has warned that fraudsters are actively deceiving students with the lure of foreign scholarships on social media. In addition, fake websites related to scholarships are being created, and their links spread on social media platforms. When students input their personal information on these websites, scammers use it for various purposes. These cybercriminals adopt new methods every day to defraud people, offering fake scholarships for free studies at universities abroad, collecting documents, and demanding upfront payments for application processing. Often, students are duped into paying multiple times for different processing steps, only to be blocked later, losing their money.

Furthermore, links to fake scholarship websites are circulating on social media. When students particularly women upload their personal information and documents on these websites, scammers sell this information at high prices, which later becomes a source of harassment for these individuals. He advised students to be cautious of such links on social media, not to upload their information or documents on any website without verification, and not to pay any money for scholarships. He also urged social media users not to share any unverified links, as sharing links in various WhatsApp groups without verification facilitates the work of scammers, enabling them to trap more victims.