Empowering Women in Cybersecurity on Women’s Day

Cybersecurity expert Muhammad Asad Ul Rehman has expressed his dream for Pakistani women to make their mark in the field of cybersecurity. To fulfill this dream, hundreds of women have been provided with voluntary training in basic cybersecurity over the past years, enabling them to protect themselves against cybercrimes and work towards promoting cybersecurity awareness among other women. He shared these thoughts on the occasion of International Women’s Day during a conversation with the media. He highlighted the global demand for cybersecurity experts, including Pakistan, where incidents of data theft and blackmailing women are on the rise. Women must embrace the cybersecurity sector and play a positive role in controlling cyber crimes against women in the country. He pointed out that the lack of awareness is the biggest barrier preventing women from entering this field. There’s a need to educate women about the necessity, benefits, and opportunities offered by the cybersecurity sector.